22 Tips to Increase ROI on Exhibition Participation in Dubai

The main objective of any exhibitor is to get increased ROI (return on investment) in the exhibitions they participate in. Businesses expect to grow visibility to increase sales and profit. The reason companies use exhibitions and tradeshows as platforms that can help them get access to their target audience. Exhibitions are places where traders, suppliers, buyers, business consultants, service providers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and consumers meet. Hence, you get an opportunity to exhibit your business to people who can become your future business prospects.

So, you must be wondering about how to increase ROI by making sales. Here we will discuss a few tips that you can follow while planning for your exhibition.

  1. Choose the Right Exhibition

When you think of participating in exhibitions be careful. Know which exhibition would do maximum benefit to you and which one would be a waste. Select an exhibition where you will find your target audience. Do not participate in every exhibition that takes place in your city because you will end up spending all your savings if you are a start-up. Also, do identify the necessary expenses and how beneficial it would be to expend on certain thinks like long-distance venues or international venues. You know you will have to manage the show efficiently with the resources you have without affecting your daily work in the office. Make sure the investment you make to organise your event does not go beyond your capacity.

  1. Book your Space Early

To get a space of your choice in the exhibition venue you will have to book early. Since many like you are participating, everyone would desire to get the best spot on the floor that can give increased visibility. Therefore, it is very essential that you book early to avoid any disappointment.

  1. Ensure You Participate Regularly 

The more you are visible the more you remain in your audience memory. So, for maximum returns, you will have to ensure you are a regular participant in exhibitions and tradeshows. This will help you reach out to new customer bases and enter new markets.

  1. Do Your Home Work

Find out where your competitors are getting business leads. Exhibitions and tradeshows are places that can guide you in this. Also, try to analyze their stands and marketing materials.

  1. Invest Carefully

Be careful when you exhibit, what you exhibit and why you exhibit. You should know the purpose of your participation. Without knowing your objective, it will be difficult for you to get an ROI. Wasting your money, time and energy just because others are doing so, or just to be there with no purpose will be utter stupidity. Instead of making yourself present in every show happening around, you should invest in fewer relevant events which will make more sense.

  1. Make Noise About Your Participation

Whether on your company website or your social media channels or other promotional mediums, make as much noise as possible. But don’t look desperate. Be professional in your approach. Doing anything overboard can annoy your audience. Make sure you use every available channel but professionally. Also, use the details of your venue, the stand detail and other attractions you are planning for your audience.

  1. Create Catchy Messages  

Make short and appealing marketing slogans. Put them on your stands at a position that is visible even from distance. Use good readable big fonts to write the message for the stand. Use the same message on your other marketing materials also, to help your audience recall when they are back home.

  1. Build Bigger Stands 

If you have enough investment allotted for exhibition stand then think of building a bigger stand. It is a general tendency of people to see bigger stands as more genuine and authentic. Make sure your stand is intelligently designed and used. Use the space in presenting your products, creating a sitting area for the audience, if you plan a celeb talk then it will help you in managing the setup for the show. If you have booked a larger space, then use it strategically, and everything should be in sync to promote your brand.

  1. Use Graphical Displays

It is said, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ So, you understand how important graphics are. Images attract visitors more than texts. Most of the time what texts cannot explain, pictures can.

  1. Do Not Miss Out on Promotional Opportunities 

If your exhibition stand companies are offering to run free ads or even if they at a nominal charge, do not say no to them. It is a great opportunity to get visibility through organisers of the show.

  1. Promote Your Participation

Try to publish your ads in trade magazines – both online and offline ones. This will help people know about your stand in the exhibition and if your products interest them they will visit you for sure.

  1. Appealing Appearance 

People generally make an impression about you even before meeting or talking to you by just looking at you. Do not make any kind of disaster there. How you look is very important to increase footfall to your stand. Both you and your stand should be welcoming. Your representative should wear a pleasing personality so that people find him/her approachable.

  1. Keep Your Surroundings Clean 

Cleanliness is always attractive. So, keep your exhibition stand clean even during the rush hours. It will create a good impression about you in the minds of your visitors.

  1. Use Smart Displays

Always keep your popular product in-front and in a larger number. Also, keep the new products that you are planning to launch in the showcase. Place them in a way that they can immediately catch the glance of the passers-by.

  1. Use Right Colours 

Colours make you look vibrant. So, make the right use of colours. Yes, do not overuse. Too many colours would confuse your visitors. Maintain uniformity the colours in your logo to create a brand identity.

  1. Use Technology 

Use whatever technology is available in the market to create an impact in the exhibition. Be it short films, multimedia presentations or animated graphics to appeal to your visitors.

  1. Serve Refreshments to Visitors

Serving snacks and drinks can be very attractive to your audience. It is a great way to increase footfalls and build a good impression about your product and business.

  1. Gifts and Giveaways 

Gifts and giveaways help recall brands. Small but useful things like pen, key chains, notebook, organisers, planners, cups, etc. can add to your brand value. Make sure that you have printed your brand logo on all these products.

  1. Deals and Discounts

This is another big way to attract visitors to your stand. Give then special offers, discounts, and attractive deals on some purchase they make during the exhibition, or for booking any product that is newly launched in the show.

  1. Press and Media 

They are the ones who can spread the message faster than anyone else. If possible then organise a press conference during the exhibition or drop press release in every media house. Do remember to keep small gifts for media persons to make the event easier for you.

  1. Maintain Record of the Visitors 

When visitors come to your stand, make sure that they provide basic information – like mailing address, contact numbers, email address, etc. When you are back from the exhibition, you can contact them for further details. A genuine prospect will provide you with all the required information.

  1. Build an Interactive Stand

This is very crucial. You will have to engage your visitors when they visit you. Create scopes in a way that when they visit, they engage with them, like contests, some online quizzes running on small screens related to your business, some kid’s activity type of things, etc. When visitors answer the quiz or win the contest, present them with some discount on the purchase they make or keep other attractive prize options.

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