5 Primary Factors to Find the Right Trade Show

If you have noticed properly then you will find, almost every month hundreds of trade shows and exhibitions are organised around you. And this picture is the same in every part of the world. If you start checking the venues, you will find they are always booked; businesses are busy hopping from event to event, people are always running and meeting their business partners and prospects. There is a rat race to reach the top and almost every business is in the rat race. However, many times, in fact, most of the time, this rat race leads to disastrous decisions and the impact of which is seen even in the businesses. Why does this happen? What you do to promote your business and increase the visibility of your business, ends up dousing your business. It is a nightmare for any business owner who has given everything to succeed in business. Yes, given their everything!

Here is where it becomes necessary for you to understand what can save you from such a disaster.

Myth About Trade show Participation

The most crucial factor that you should understand is, participating in an exhibition does not always help your business get profit or visibility, unless you do it with some strategy and event marketing plans. If you fail to make a strategy then you are destined to fail. And if you continue with this failed plan every time, then none can stop your business from a complete shutdown.

Amongst many reasons, one of the main reasons is finding the right trade show or exhibition for your business promotion or product/service launch.

So, what are the 6 primary steps to find the right tradeshow? Remember every trade show is different due to their different set of audiences.

Here are some of the primary factors that should be noted:

Primary Factors to Find the Right Tradeshow

Budget Allotment

How much budget an exhibitor can allot for a trade show or exhibition. The budget is that factor in your plan that will help you decide whether you should participate in an exhibition or not. So, find out what will be the cost of participating in a specific tradeshow. Some very prominent international exhibitions require you to invest a huge amount and if you plan to participate in them you will have to shell out a big chunk of your business savings. However, if the exhibition is organised in a venue is one of your target markets, then you should invest if you can afford to reach out to your prospects there. Although, it is necessary that you understand your capacity very well before making a big plunge. Do see if investing a huge amount of money would be worthy enough. If not, then you can always opt for those exhibitions in the same city that won’t affect your budget badly. Every country in the world is host to a wide range of exhibitions and tradeshows related to a wide-ranging industrial sector. You can choose the one that does not negatively impact your business.

Purpose of Participation

You want to participate in an exhibition, that is fine. But, did you ask yourself why you want to participate? That is what is the purpose of the objective of your participation. You should know whether your purpose is to sell your products, to launch your products, building brand awareness or connecting to business prospects. There might be other reasons too, but these are the most essential ones. You can succeed in your show only when you know the purpose of your participation in an exhibition. If your focus is only customers and selling of your products then go for customer-focused tradeshows, where you can focus on selling. If you have plans to meet business partners, share business ideas and knowledge, spread brand awareness in the industry or improve your business network then you will have to concentrate on tradeshows that will bring buyers, sellers, wholesalers, traders, promoters, experts of your industry under one roof. You will have to understand tradeshows are mainly for businesses.

Focus on Tradeshows That Your Competitions are Targeting

This is another big factor that you should not ignore. Keep following your competitions in the market. Maybe your competitions are targeting big shows that require huge funding. You need not worry if that is the case. Simply try to find out if you can participate in big shows, if not then don’t stop there. Look for other low budget tradeshows where you can easily participate. You will get all this information on the official websites of the tradeshow organisers.

Find Out the Trade shows Industry Wise

This is very important. Participating in every tradeshow is not going to make you famous rather it will affect your budget. Try to find out the event listing sites of the country or city where you are planning to exhibit or where you have the potential to attract a large chunk of your target audience. From there you can find all the tradeshows industry-wise. This will help you choose the right tradeshow for participation. From the event listing websites, you will get all the necessary information you want. If not then you will find the contact details of the organisers on the website. You can use those details to enquire about the shows. After finding the list of right tradeshow for yourself, you can then further filter based on the past performance of every show and based on that you can decide whether you want to exhibit or not.

The Venue or City/Country of the Tradeshow

When you exhibit in a known venue/city or country then participation is less worrying. You are aware of every rule and regulations of the place, and all the requirements based on legal factors. If you are in an alien land then you might come across unexpected situations, last-minute hassles and many more glitches that can affect your exhibition. This is when it will be most necessary to take professional help. You can hire a local exhibition company or exhibition stand designer to avoid all the stresses. A local exhibition stand design company will be aware of local laws and other essential requisites to make the show most successful for you. Language, logistics, pricing are other barriers that you might have to face in a foreign land. If you hire a professional exhibition company, most of your worries will get sorted. Always choose a tradeshow that is convenient for you to handle whether in your own country or abroad.

Final Thought

The above factors would guide you in the right direction and help you pick the right trade shows at the right time and right place. Never engage in shows that are nothing but a headache. Just participating in a tradeshow does not help you in increasing your brand awareness, but how well you handle the tradeshow does. With the help of the above tips choose your tradeshows carefully.

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