Dubai Exhibition Stand Designer


Dubai exhibition stand designer help companies to get the best designs for their exhibition stands. Companies portray their brand image to visitors in an exhibition through stands. Companies in Dubai opt for exhibition stands to showcase their products or services.

A stand designer who is creative, creates a stand that is easy on the eye and delivers on its purpose of conveying the company’s message.

Companies should check on their budget and choose a stand designer that suits their budget. A professional stand designer will first understand your company and propose the right kind of design service that fits your budget. The designer should be experienced to understand your needs and get you a promising stand in the exhibition. The final design from the designer should throw light on your brand identity to the audience, enabling you to send out a clear message throughout.

Dubai Exhibition Stand Designer

Dubai Exhibition Stand Designer

Dubai exhibition stand designer will get to know your better-taking aspects like budget and environment into consideration. They should be well-versed in creating custom exhibition stands that suit your specific needs.

At Nucleus Exhibitions, we know what your exhibition stand means to you. We understand that designing a stand is the most important phase in the various phases of stand making. Our designers bring out graphical concepts for your exhibition stand. Also, the designers will constantly coordinate with you while designing to understand your company and industry and get the best design solution for your exhibition stand fitting your budget.

Nucleus creates and delivers modular and custom built exhibition stands that look excellent and are created specifically around your objectives. Our ability is to maintain a high level of creativity to make it impressive

Nucleus’s stand designers perform the following tasks to design the best stands in the market:

  • Communicate their ideas through sketches, plans, computer-generated models.
  • Exchange ideas with clients.
  • Gain an understanding of the right materials to be used and costs involved in design making.
  • Create artwork (large format) for stand components & backdrops.
  • Design artwork (vector based) for portable displays.

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