Exhibition Stand Designer

The Jotun Stand Showcased At Boat Show 2013 Designed And Built By Nucleus Exhibitions

Your stand has to be easy on the eye in an exhibition or trade fair. An exhibition stand is somewhat better when compared to traditional marketing. Nucleus Exhibition stands give an extra personalized experience to the people in the exhibition. Stands explain your product or service in the best possible way and in a personalized fashion to prospective customers.

The point to be noted here is that in an exhibition, there are many other stands around. The secret behind standing out in the crowd lies in the design of the stand. When we talk about design here, it means that the stand looks presentable and understandable to the visitor.

Exhibition Stand Designer


Exhibitions are usually themed for a particular industrial sector. There may be many other stands of other organizations in an exhibition who without any doubt can be your competitors. It may be sometimes difficult to present yourself to the visitors in such a rush. You need to prove your stand to be the best amongst the others. This is where a good stand designer comes in. An exhibition stand designer can help you make the right kind of stand to suit your needs and also showcase your company’s product or service.

As an exhibition stand reflects your brand identity, it is highly essential to get a stand designer to help you draw the crowds to your stall. A stand designer works on how a company’s information can be conveyed by a stand. The designer also focuses on attracting attention using striking colour themes and bright lighting to draw people to your stand. First impressions can make a huge positive impact and a good stand design can make an uninterested visitor interested in your product or service and gets drawn to your stand. The principal thing you need to consider when considering your show stand outline is the floor space. You will just get a set sum, contingent upon the extent to which you wish to pay for. At the same time you must take advantage of each and every square creep.

A stand designer assists you in boosting your sales and revenue by exhibiting in the right fashion. In this way, you can capture the attention of the audience and finally draw crowds, thus generating  maximum ROI.

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