7 hacks to select an outstanding exhibition stand designers


Exhibitions are meant to be seen by thousands, and as a brand you are the one who should be attracting most of the attention there. Once you get this agenda right it becomes easier to head in the right direction. Out of the plethora of amazing exhibitions how to be the one that stays in the mind of your visitors? That should be your ultimate goal for spending those tons of resources. After all, exhibitions are not only for on the spot sales, but also to develop a base for future sales. Now, you can’t design your exhibition stand until and unless you have years of experience and expertise in spatial design nitty gritties. But you can still get a magnetic exhibition stand by hiring an outstanding exhibition stand designer.

Let’s see what to look forward while deciding upon the best exhibition stand designers available in UAE.


1. Company Goals & Objectives for Exhibition

To be assured that you are depending on a right person it’s better to test the maturity level of exhibition stand designer. Discuss about your company goals & objectives for the exhibition stand in question. Is it to generate new leads? Is it for an anticipated product launch? Or do you simply want to leverage on spot sales. Gauge the work done by each exhibition stand designer for relevant tasks and then take a final call as to whether that one can match your expectations or not.

2. Takeaways and other essentials

Before signing up contract, make sure all your requirements are documented on paper. If you are going to handover contract for collaterals too, specify and discuss over it separately. Many contractors provide basic exhibition stand services and does not include these details into main contract. So it’s better to bargain about every detail and fee structure beforehand.

3. Compact and convenient interiors

Just like takeaways, give considerable emphasis on interiors and seating arrangements for visitors and reception desk for exhibition stand. You don’t want visitors to only admire your stand from outside but also to spend some time inside for you to be able to deliver the necessary product information. Always ask your prospective designers to mention interior specifications also in 3D prototypes.

4. Ask for prototypes, Always

A print layout does not give much insight about space and complete build of exhibition stand. If you have not already hired a contractor, prototypes might be chargeable but are worth the expense to become sure of design. If you have already hired a contractor, you can anyway ask for a prototype and ask for timely updates of work progress via pictures to validate your exhibition design at each stage.

5. Defining Milestones for payments

Getting a big shock of incomplete work just before exhibition is the last thing you want to experience. To avert this situation, it is better to frame a milestone oriented payment option for exhibition stand designer. With this, you have the convenience to validate the stated work till that point of time and then release funds. It keeps you in touch with the progress of your exhibition stand and avoids any last minute hassles.

6. Logistics and other services

Various aspects comes into picture other than design when it comes to set up your exhibition stand at Exhibition hall. This includes logistics, Truss, Lights, Audio-Visual services and many more. Be aware about key details about your contractor like is he providing all these services by pooling or renting resources or he has his own dedicated workforce for it. This gives a clear picture about his dependency on other contractors.

7. Renting or Buying options

Depending upon your future plans and budget needs, you can always have an option of buying or renting an exhibition stand. If you have planned to exhibit in various exhibitions in a short time period, its better to buy one and skip the process of initial briefings to exhibition stand designer and brainstorming every time. But if it is going to be a once in a year exhibition preparation, you can go with renting and try out different formats each year.

8. Budget options

When choosing the best exhibition stand designer, you need to check for a budget friendly one. The best exhibition stand designer offers budget friendly designing solutions. While many exhibition stand designers limit their services to a particular budget, a budget oriented exhibition stand designer understands your company first and proposes the best design solution that fits your budget.

All these 7 hacks are nothing but a checklist to keep an eye on details. Whether it is about your prospective exhibition stand designer or your requirements, be very clear with your goals and then march towards getting them accomplished. A memorable exhibition stand is like your company persona, it is better to work upon it as much as you do to build a great reputation among your customers.

Want to know where to go for having all these features for a great exhibition stand designer? Give us your requirements here and we Nucleus Exhibitions will get back to you with best options soon.