Providing prototypes to the clients can be a tricky business. As the clients might hold certain expectations with the final outcome of the exhibition stand design based on 3D representation. This is mainly about the colour, proportions of different segments, surface appeal and overall look of the exhibition stand. So, to take this chance, any exhibition stand designer must have immense confidence in its fabrication team.
And we have that. At Nucleus, we give complete freedom to our designers to create the most marvellous designs that can be made for our clients because we now, our fabrication team is going to build it anyhow. Not only team, we put great efforts to bring together one of the finest equipments for fabrication to achieve that extra edge of perfection in fabrication. To give you a small insight we would like to flaunt our prized possessions, which are,

  • A 30,000 Sq ft workshop at Dubai Investments Park, where it is ensured that every price of exhibition comes out to be perfectly same as it was imagined.
  • Get high quality clean wood work with sliding table saw wood machine.
  • Professional painting department to make sure the quality of the finishing is the best.
  • In-house Printing and Graphic art engraving can never be so innovative without CNC router laser cutting.
  • Other technologically advance tools to support the skilled team of fabricators.

Nucleus Exhibitions has won many accolades and awards in past for its clients with exceptional exhibition stands. But the fabrication team has ensured that the awards are justified by keeping the original design effect and all the functionalities of the design intact. Each and every corner is reviewed and corrected to 100% perfection. All sorts of tools, techniques and talent is employed to give that premium quality look to the exhibition stand. We keep taking feedback from our team about any sort of addition to our workshop in order to make it more conducive for great works.