Lights & Truss Services

You got a wonderful Exhibition Stand, You got awesome people as presenters and you have a great product too. But if you don’t have compatible lights and truss for exhibition stand to support that, you might not be getting the anticipated response from visitors which you should. That is how important Lights and Truss are for you. Both of them go hand in hand and hence are often provided by same service provider. Lights helps you to generate desired effects in the settings and Truss gives your exhibition stand a far away sight. We give you lights and Truss which are able to perform both of these tasks for your exhibition elegantly. We provide quality Trusses with high tensile strength and ability to withstand loads of all rigging equipments. A powerful truss in silver and black color can also be used in an architecture which have curves and various color combinations without giving it an odd look. It just need smart professionals from Nucleus to achieve that light weight and clean look. Our wide range of offerings which includes 12” & 20.5” Truss, Hinge truss, Angle Truss, Straight Truss and Circular Truss in all sizes are able to support all of your requirements for a well supported and beautiful Exhibition Stand design. Be it conventional Lightings, Strobe Lights, Par can Lights or LEDs, we serve every lighting requirements with best equipments available.

Ellipsoidal’s, borders & strips, fresnels, Music & Art stand lights, Consoles and monitors with rigging options are few of the collections from our offerings. All of these are properly installed and tested before commencement of event at venue to ensure that nothing goes wrong on the spot. We are open minded and welcome new ideas from clients, even if it requires us to do something out of our way. This helps us to keep nourishing our designs, Lights and Truss exhibition stand services with innovative ideas. So next time you got a confusion about which Lights and Truss will go well with your exhibition, try reaching us, we would be glad to help.

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