Colours Can Play a Vital Role in Increasing Visitors to your Exhibition Stand

Many studies say that colour is the most significant visual indication to influence onlookers. One should not underestimate the impact of colours on business and human life. They are very important to determine the mood and thought process of a person and can even change the mood and tone of people. So, it won’t be wrong to say that colours can play a vital role in increasing visitors to your exhibitions stands. Just by using the right colours in the right place and in the way, the atmosphere of the setup can be changed. Likewise, the wrong use of them can lead to a disaster of the show. While the right combination of shades can motivate the onlookers, the wrong ones can confuse and distract them. This is why the right mix of shade is very crucial for brand building and accepted in the market. Moreover, the use of colour within the brand to portray different things in a different way to draw the attention of the people can make wonders.

So, here we will try to understand how to utilise colours to make optimum use of them in different events. You can comprehend it by seeing how some very top-quality stands are not able to attract visitors. This knowledge can help you plan in a better way for your future event marketing projects.

Some Great Shades and their Combinations to Consider

Dark Options – Black, Blue, Violet and Green to Enhance Appearance

All dark shades create a different impact in your stand, provided the combinations are right. Black is very impactful if used with lights shades, blue has its own appeal if used with orange, yellow and white and violet and green also have their own charm. Usually, all dark options go well with light shades, especially white. It is observed many brands use black and blue to enhance the space and give a distinct look to the stands. You must use one dark shade in your stand to create that lasting impression. But ensure you do not use too many dark colours, not even two. It might spoil the entire appearance.

Bright Options – Orange, Yellow, Red, Pink to Energise the Atmosphere  

The bright hues play a pivotal role in energising the space. All bright options if used correctly can make the stand environment look glamorous.

Orange, yellow, red, pink and their different shades can spice up your stand and create a pleasing atmosphere. There is no doubt that bright colours brighten up the exhibition booths and instil liveliness in those who visit your stand too. Mostly used for teens and kids’ products, these colours make the entire surrounding look friendly and welcoming. You can also use these hues even in the uniforms of your staff. Red, orange and yellow are easiest to spot in a crowded place.

Soft/Light Options – White, Light Shade of all Colours 

Soft or light hues have their own place. If we see around, we will find light shades have become a trend in almost all industries. The lighter options are not only soothing to eyes but also looks very sophisticated. Light colours make space look bigger and brighter.

Different Hues of Same Colours

Every colour has multiple shades. You can go for a combination of those unique shades and create a magical ambience. People love to see new things in their life, hence when they see innovative shades, they might get spellbound.

Where to Get the Ideas From

You will get all the ideas from nature. Take the example of sunrise or sunset. You get so many hues at the same time from the same place. And the best part is the combination we see on the horizon is harmonious and rich, which can be very encouraging for those looking for ideas. You can also online colour wheels or simple RBG or CMYK colour wheel for help. These are used by designers from various industries for various purposes.

Hire a Professional Exhibition Stand Design Company in Dubai

Hiring a professional exhibition stand design company in Dubai would solve most of your problems. A professional stand designer knows the industry very well and also the upcoming trends in the market. They can also help you choose the right colours for your stand that will best suit the industry you are in. So, if you are confused about what shade would suit your products and services best, take help from an experienced stand designer in Dubai.

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