It is very crucial to create an attention-grabbing exhibition stands. For any business, the main purpose of participating in or organising exhibitions, events or tradeshows is to generate business leads and attract prospective buyers to their business. The entire business idea is designed around the thought of how to make the exhibitions successful for the business. Hence, every business person who aims to make their participation effective design a proper plan to execute the plan. This also includes hiring highly qualified and professional exhibition stand designers and builders. If you want your exhibition stand to stand out in the crowd in the tradeshows then you will have a plan for a unique stand design that can impress everyone. If you can make an impact during the events then it can take you a long way to success.

Why is Exhibition Stand Design Important?
It is said, “the first impression is the last impression.” Hence, it is very important that when you get a chance to impress your prospects in any event like exhibitions or tradeshows, then put maximum effort to make an impactful representation. Use the opportunity to connect to your potential buyers. Your exhibition stand design plays an important role in creating an impact. It does not matter how superior your products and services are, it is a human tendency to fall for things that look beautiful and attractive. This is when you will require reputed exhibitions stand designers and builders who have got vast experience in the field of exhibition stand design. Moreover, you will also need a trained representative to manage the entire activity at your exhibition stand.

Below we will discuss a few ideas to help you build effective stand designs:

1. Exhibition Objective
Unless you know what is your objective behind doing anything, it will be difficult for you to accomplish your goals. So, the first thing that you should do is try to find out what is the purpose behind your participation in an exhibition or a tradeshow. It is the very foundation of your stand building plan. It helps in designing the right stand that can communicate your objectives properly to your potential clients visiting the tradeshow. Therefore, it is essential to keep the purpose of your participation in mind to keep moving in the right direction. It is important for your stand to convey the message on its own through the design.

2. Identify Your Prospects
It is another crucial factor that can help you move on the right track. Unless you know your target audience or your prospect, you won’t be able to understand their likes and dislikes. To design the right exhibition stand it is essential for you to know your prospects. Designing the stand according to the taste of the people who will never purchase your product will only be wasted. Therefore, to attract your prospects to your stand, you will have to take care of their interests and based on that must design your stand.

3. Efficient Space Management
Unless you are aware of the spot where space for a stand is allocated to you, your stand designer won’t be able to conceptualise your stand. Even the place, side, positions are important factors for stand designing. The exact spot of your space decides how efficiently space can be utilised for the exhibition purpose. Hence, it is important for you to ask your organiser about the size, direction, position, and dimension of the space allocated to you.

After seeing the space, your exhibition stand designer can start conceptualising your stand design. Based on the size, dimension, and exact location, they will have to manage the size, height, and width of your stand.

4. Appealing and Readable Text
It takes hardly a few seconds for the attendees of the exhibition to decide whether they need your product or services or not. So, it is advisable that the design of the stand should be such that by just giving a glance your visitors can understand what exactly you are offering. You can use a creative display or LED screen or even the body of the stand background to write appealing and readable texts. Do not put too much text. Try to keep the content simple and attractive to grab the attention of those passing by. Too much text can be a big turn off for your prospects. Hire creative professionals who are experienced in writing enticing texts and slogans.

After the text or slogan is finalised, ensure where it should be displayed to grab maximum attention. Choose the right font type, font size, and the right place to give the text increased visibility.

5. Images and Other Display Elements
“A picture speaks a thousand words” is an old saying. So, it is worth using proper images and other display elements to design your stand efficiently. Whether educated or not, most of the people don’t like reading texts much. Moreover, what texts cannot explain, pictures can or can say, pictures are more appealing and draw people closer than expected. It is always a picture that attracts people first and then they think of reading the texts. With the use of the right images, you can convey your message without writing too much text.

Put your logo wherever needed along with images and texts. Logos are important to spread brand awareness. There should be a right balance between texts and images. Images should be placed in such places in the stands that it can draw the attention of attendees standing at a distance too.

6. Stand Lightings
How you use lights in your stand is a very important factor. It plays a huge role in making your stand look aesthetic. Make sure you make the proper use of lights. Nowadays, you get a wide collection of lights for decoration purposes. Moreover, lights can also be used to highlight areas that you want to highlight.

If you stand does not have enough light or looks dark or if you have done wrong lighting then it can be distracting for the visitors. Also, you might be lost in the crowd. Lights are very necessary to make the stand look appealing and to help the visitors see and understand what you want them to see, read and understand.

The design of your stand plays a significant role in grabbing the attention of the exhibition attendees. Hire a professional exhibition stand designer or builder design your stands in a unique and interesting way. Ensure the exhibition stand designer you hire has got vast experience in the field of stand designing. The above tips will help you to reach your goals efficiently.