How to be Distinct on the Exhibition Floor?

Every exhibitor wishes to be distinct on the exhibition floor. But then it requires a lot of effort, which is not possible for the most. Hence, we see only those succeed who can afford all that can make their exhibition effective and the number is very low. So, how to stand out and grab the attention of your target audience. It is a tricky affair yet, the passionate few do not miss a chance to make their exhibition successful. Even your competitors will put all their weight behind their stand by bombarding your prospective customers with information, sales offers, and assurances at every single turn. So, here is where you will have to overcome all the hurdles and get above all the noises and do exactly what your visitors want from you.

How to Get Everything Right?

It is not just about the aesthetics, nor is it about the presentation or product quality and promotional activities. It must be a complete package, in which everything has to be in the right place at the right time, be it exhibition stand design, presentation, demonstration, product and services quality and promotions. To stand out amidst all well-established exhibitors, you will need two things just right.

  1. You will have to first understand the expectation of your visitor
  2. And then serve them well as per their expectation. Give them what they are looking for in much better quality and quantity than what others are offering.

One tough step would find out what your visitors are looking for. Your event organiser must be of great help in finding out what kind of visitors are going to attend the show. Whatever way it be, try to find out what exactly can satisfy your target audience.

Find Out What Your Visitors Want from You

To understand the need for your visitors, you will first need to know why they want to visit the exhibition. Here a typical feedback form from previous years can be of great help. Also, if there were surveys on what was sold most, which were the stand that attracted most visitors, what were visitors missing in the exhibition can always help in understanding the minds of the visitors. If such feedbacks and survey are available then some of the answers you might come across them are:

  • Looking for new launches
  • Such and such persons were in the conference, wanted to hear them in person
  • It is a great opportunity to meet people from this industry.

From this you can make out, it is not only about the appearance, but much more. You need to ensure you have aligned your stand well with the needs and expectations of your prospects. So, look beyond just designing the stand finding a smart booth representative. An effective stand needs more than that.

Spread the Word About Your Business

This should be done before the exhibition, once you have decided you will participate. You won’t be able to bear the fruit of your participation if you fail to convince your potential market about your product and services. And for that, you will first have to understand what your users want. You have got some ideas about the visitors’ expectations. But always keep in mind that the consumer industry is constantly evolving, and consumers are fast changing their demand. Along with previous feedback and survey, you will have to put in your effort to get the maximum out of the show. The first thing that you can do is, reach out to your target audience using various mediums and try to understand what exactly they are looking for. Also, ensure that you regularly educate your audience with your quality content. The quality content should be able to spread awareness about your business, brand, product, and service.

Some of the Mediums That Can Help You

  • Social Media

This is one of the most used mediums these days and using this you can reach out to people from every corner of the world. So, you can plan a strategy based on your customer base and reach out to all the prospects by creating tailored content. Talk about the product, your business and also the exhibitions that you have plans to exhibit in. You will start getting responses on the posts. It will help you understand the expectation of your potential customers.

  • Blogging

An information and educative blog can go a long way. It not only increases traffic to your website but also motivates people to take an interest in your products. If you can educate your audience about your product then you might start getting an early positive response. You can tell your audience about your products, trends in the market and also about the events where you have plans to launch your products.

  • Work with the Event Organiser

Event organisers can be of great help in spreading the word about your business and brand. You can create small videos and write guest posts on the organiser’s website. This will not only give you far-reaching visibility but also build trust in your business in the eyes of your potential consumers. You should be careful about what you put on the organiser’s website. The content should be aligned well with what you believe your audience would like to see in the exhibition.

If you can motivate your audience even before they have attended the exhibition, then it is very likely that they will visit your stand and also might end up purchasing your products or services and become a loyal customer of yours’ if you continue to satisfy their expectations.

Now is the Time to Align Your Stand with the Expectation of the Visitors

Unless your stand is relevant to your visitors, they won’t visit it. So, ensure that you have put everything in the right place when you erect your stand. Once you have succeeded in striking the right notes everywhere before the exhibition, it is time for you to continue with that impetus to incentivise yourself by incentivising your audience.

Here are some Opportunities that You Can Explore

  • Lead by Example

For this, you will have to think about unique ideas that are what are the unique ways that can help you stand out. This goes with the stand presentation too. Would you like to follow what others are following or wish to add some innovation in your product presentation? Firstly, Make sure you have selected the best presenter in your team, who is a go-getter and can manage the entire show very efficiently. You can make a unique presentation by not talking about your product, instead, make your products talk for themselves. It must very innovative and engaging to keep your audience absorbed in your product. Create a story and a digital presentation by involving your visitors in the presentation. Let them find themselves. When they become a part of the presentation, they will enjoy it and will be more informed. If the product is of interest, they will try to understand it better and most likely would approach you for the purchase. Also, you will see only serious prospects will interact. This will also help you filter out irrelevant visitors. Only those will engage and invest time in your stand who will find the presentation of their use. If you can establish a unique presentation, it will build your reputation in the industry as a thought leader.

  • Sponsor Exhibition Space

Exhibitions require many things to create a comfortable environment for the exhibitors and attendees. You can take the opportunity to sponsor whatever you feel like. It could be floor tiles, or decoration or signages, anything that you might want to. Use extra spaces in the venue to attract visitors using various creative options. It will spread awareness of your brand.

  • Launch of New Products

Exhibitions are a great platform to launch new products. The entire industry is under one roof and if you succeed in making an appealing presentation and launch, you will successfully grab the attention of many prospects that might include partners, buyers, suppliers, traders, manufacturers, professionals, venture capitalists, experts and many who would wish to be a partner in your journey.

  • Present Research Paper

If there is innovative research or whitepaper that can be presented at the event, it will help influence the traffic. Also, you can use the opportunity to attract manufacturers, suppliers, traders, funding companies and professionals to accomplish the remaining task as per your business requirement.

Grab the Opportunity to Stand Out  

It is important that you understand what exactly you want from the event. Your reason and objective should be right and people-oriented. In this fast-growing world, consumers are fast changing their buying mood. People look for innovative things and something they feel would be useful for them for a long time. Unless you are can deliver as per the expectation of the buyers and the industry, it won’t be easy for you to establish for a long time. Always make long-term goals do not make short-term plans. If you are investing in something, it should make noise everywhere and grab the attention of the entire industry.

Your exhibition stand should be able to align the design and content of the stand with your visitors and target audiences’ interests. It should stir your target audience and inspire them to visit your stand and trust your brand. You will have to build content around your brand and educate your prospects for further reach. But before that, they are motivated to visit your stand. The tricky part of the entire process is designing a storyline and creating content that can easily drive the traffic. To achieve this, you do not need a huge sum of money, but a desire to meet the expectation of your audience and remain trustworthy in their eyes. For this, all you will need is to understand their needs and expectations from you.

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