How to Make Your Exhibition Stand Ready for a Trade show?

To make your participation in an exhibition successful you should first know the objective of participating in an exhibition. It is very crucial for the person representing you in a tradeshow to be aware of your objectives and what exactly you want to gain from your participation. If you or your representatives fail to understand the objective, your entire effort will fail. So, first know, why you want to participate in an exhibition, and what you want to gain from it so that you prepare for the event around your objective. Whether it is the launch of a product or whether you simply want to spread a message about your existing product, or opening of a new branch or you want to take your business to larger communities. The answers to these questions will help you find your objective and also make your exhibition stand ready for a tradeshow.

Here we will discuss few points to help you understand what to consider while planning to participate in a tradeshow.

1. Meet the Organizers
The first thing that you must do is introduce yourself to the organizers so that they know who you are and what business you are into. Also, ask them as many queries you want to ask to make them well-acquainted about you and your business. This way they will make sure they know you and will assist you while you set up your exhibition stand. They can also help you connect to exhibition stand builders and stand designers if you so want.

2. Make Sitting Arrangements
You know what you are exhibiting in the tradeshow and how much time meetings and presentations will take. Based on that make arrangements for sitting. If your representatives and visitors have to stand for too long on their feet then arrange for seats. The exhibition stands builder whom you hire to design your stand can arrange furniture for you.

3. Know the Show Timings
Take not of show timings that is when the show doors will open and what is the peak time and when the doors will close. Organizers can help you know this. It will help you plan better and know when exactly your stand will have more visitors.

4. Train Your Representative
Train your exhibition representative well in advance before the door opens. The person (s) who represents you in the tradeshow is the face of your business in the tradeshow. He/she is expected to be well-aware of your business, your offerings and your expectation from the participation in the tradeshow. They should be told what to wear, how to stand and how to approach the visitors and what products and services to exhibit. How well your representative is prepared will ensure how much your exhibition stand is ready for success.

5. Data Collection
You should be prepared to collect the minimum details of your visitors from the visitors so that you can connect to them in the future. Either maintain a register or create an online form that you can ask your visitors to fill when they come to visit you in your exhibition stand. Collect their name, contact number, email id and areas of interest on your first visit. As you interact more, you will come to know more about them.

6. Engage Through Social Media
Social media is a great tool to spread your message far and wide. So, when you plan to participate in a tradeshow, make sure you tell about your participation to all in your contact and also people who are not in your contact through your contacts. Your contacts can help you do that by amplifying your messages on social media. Also, try adding some elements to your exhibition stand that can encourage your visitors to promote your booth on social media. Design a jazzy looking booth, where people would like to get photographed. You can also get some celebrity guests to your booth to encourage your visitors to click and spread on social media.

7. Post Event Activities
The most important post-event activity is to follow up with visitors/prospects. Mostly, people forget to contact the visitors post-event even though they get a good number of visitors to their booth. It is advisable that you either call them if you are confident about their interest in your products and services or send personalized emails thanking them for visiting your booth. Later you can follow-up by asking them how they found your products and services and if they have any feedback for you. These simple interactions can take you a long way in making your business successful.

When you plan to participate in a tradeshow, make sure you have hired a highly experienced exhibition stand builder who can help you prepare well for a tradeshow. By participating in a tradeshow, you are opening your business to a larger potential market. Do not try to do everything on your own to save money. It will spoil your plans complete. Hiring an expert to design your exhibition stand will cost you some money, but the return that you will get will mean a lot for your business.

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