People won’t soon forget this meeting—and why? Because my client made it fun, and fun creates memorability.

In the trade show industry, we work hard. We work long hours, over weekends and holidays, 24/7. We are focused on details, and at least speaking for myself, we enjoy our work. But sometimes we forget that work can and should be enjoyable. We have the opportunity to open our minds and hearts to experiences outside our comfort zone.

At some level, we believe that if we do nothing but work, stress out, and put in long hours—whether necessary or not—that we will get some sort of reward. But meanwhile, we are missing out on so much. One thing we find in our work is too often exhibitors stay in their hotel rooms when they are not on the show floor, order familiar food from room service, and only talk to work colleagues when they could be exploring all the amazing things the UAE region has to offer.

One client told us that he had made a promise to himself: he would go to at least one unique event or visit a local museum in every city where he was working. We hope he keeps his promise. Lean on your local exhibit partners for some ideas how you can make your stay more interesting and more enjoyable. At Nucleus, we love to tell our clients about local attractions whether in UAE or Saudi Arabia this allows you to have some fun and absorb the culture in our part of the world.