Tips to Help You Hire a Professional Exhibition Stand Company in Dubai

Maybe this is your first exhibition where you have plans to exhibit your business, products, and services. But there is nothing to panic as these days you get all kinds of assistance provided you are willing to take them. The first thing that you have to understand is, you alone cannot do everything in the world, even if it is related to your business. You will always need skilled people to look after specific areas. Exhibition stand designs too are something like that. You may be an expert in your business but when it comes to building the exhibition stand for your forthcoming exhibition you will need qualified professionals who have hands-on experience of designing, building and managing an exhibition stand.

So, you have understood that you will need to hire a professional stand builder or booth designer who can build your exhibition stand with utmost care. However, before you even sign the contract with any exhibition stand designer or builder, here is what you should follow:

 Before Hiring a Stand Designer

 Do Your Homework

If this is the first time you have decided to participate in any tradeshow or exhibition then it is suggested that you first do your homework. That is,

  • Ask yourself how you want to benefit from the exhibition
  • Do proper research on types of stands and booths available
  • Learn about different investments options you can choose from
  • Learn about different costs of different stands
  • Learn about different possibilities
  • Learn about the right position of your stand
  • Fix your budget
  • Know what kind of stand you can afford within your budget
  • Know the materials needed for the type of stand you want
  • Try to find out about the stand designers through various sources
  • If you get them online, read the customer reviews about them
  • If you find them through some contact, ask them about their work
  • Try to understand how much investment would be good enough for you
  • Are your competitors participating
  • Learn the big names in the industry that are participating

All the above points will prepare you for your forthcoming exhibitions. It is important to know about whom all are participating. Moreover, when you give a contract to some stand designer, they too will ask similar questions to you to understand your requirements. If you know what exactly you want and do your homework before meeting them, you won’t look blank and you would be in a better position to bargain with them and cross-question if needed. Also, you will know what quality of work your contractor or builder that you have hired would give you.

Start Searching for Stand Designers Little Early

If you start searching early you will have more options to look for. You will have the chance to meet multiple designers and understand their work, see their portfolios and then decide. Finding a quality exhibition stand designer in Dubai is not that easy. The city is popular for organising endless exhibitions and shows throughout the year. This has given birth to hundreds of stand designers, which has led to the emergence of several substandard designers too. Exhibitors who do not do their homework and blindly hire some substandard designers to end up disappointed. So, be careful while hiring a stand designer. Do proper homework before meeting anyone. Tell them your requirements and your budget. Ask them as many questions you want to ask. Take everything in written. If you have a good time in hand before you finalise one, you would be able to find the right designer within your budget.

Pick the Right Stand Designer

Right stand designer will neither dislike your suggestion nor will charge will a big amount. They will charge for the quality they provide you. And once you see their work you will happily pay the amount they charge. A quality designer will talk to you in detail before starting your work. They will ask your objective, that is what exactly you want to gain from the exhibition. They will share every detail with you. Will not shy away from showing their portfolio and discuss their past records. Won’t hide any cost that you would have to pay later. They will give you a final cost and share the update as the work progresses. They will also move ahead only after your approval.

Qualities of a Quality Exhibition Stand Designer:

  • A reputed name in the industry
  • Holds a vast experience
  • Possesses excellent capabilities
  • Has got their own in-house resources
  • They are focussed and focused on quality
  • They take approval on every step
  • They share total cost in the beginning
  • They won’t keep any hidden cost rather will help you save on your budget

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