What are the 9 Steps to Build an Exhibition Stand?

Are you exhibiting in an exhibition for the first time? If yes then you will need to understand the methods so that you do not get deceived by a fraud stand designer. To get your work done properly, you would always need to understand how it is done. Here we will discuss in detail the processes followed from conceptualization to completion in stand designing in exhibitions and tradeshows.

The steps that we discuss below will also give you a clear picture of how an exhibition company or a stand building company provides a solution and also helps the exhibitors stand out amidst thousands of other exhibition participants. And they do all of it by keeping all your business requirements in mind.

Step 1: Objective
Every success story has a great objective. To succeed in your business, you will always have to start by setting an objective. Unless you have an objective, you will never understand your goal. What you want to gain from your participation. You have to tell this to your exhibition company. It is a crucial step in the process of stand designing. The company will require to understand your goal and based on that they can build a clear concept for the stand to increase audience engagement.

Step 2: Conceptualisation
Conceptualization is based on the objective of the exhibition. What the exhibitor plans to achieve from the exhibition. Design companies try to understand the requirement of the exhibitor. The planning is done around the goals set by the exhibitor.

Step 3: Design
One needs a good story to make a better design. Designers have to translate the exhibitors’ requirements into an appealing presentation. For this, the conceptualiser has to write the concept well. Both conceptualiser and designers have to work closely to meet the expectations fully. This all will be based on how well you can tell your business story to your design company. You have to be very clear in your mind, what exactly you want from the exhibition.

Step 4: Budget Estimation
Every big-budget exhibition stand is not successful. So, one has to understand unless you can communicate your message well, no amount of money can make your exhibition successful. Hence, it is important how intelligently you allocate your money in different tasks related to the exhibition stand design. Moreover, if it is your first exhibition and you are yet to make it big in the market, then you will have to very sensible in your budget estimation. While you should try to make your stand cost-effective, you will also have to be very careful that you do not compromise on the quality of the stand. You will need to find an exhibition stand company that understands your requirements well and can deliver you the best solution within your budget and timeframe.

Step 5: Procurement
This is a very crucial step. When you hire a professional exhibition company, they are aware of the fact that for a quality stand design they will require quality material. Hence, all the leading exhibitions companies in Dubai take this responsibility on themselves as they are the right people to procure the right materials. They are well-connected in the market as it is their everyday job. Therefore, they can easily find the right place for raw materials. The building of stands starts just after the procurement is complete. It is important you hire a qualified person to do all the procurement related work.

Step 6: Transportation
This is another important step. Transportation of the materials to the exhibition venue. Ensure that you hire an exhibition company that is close to the exhibition venue. This will reduce your transportation costs.

Step 7: Implementation
Implementation or building up or assembling or stands in the venue. After all the materials reach the venue, the job is to put them in order and as per the design plans. Either the construction takes place at the venue or the company can do all the construction jobs in their design unit and transport the parts and erect them following the design plans under the guidance of the project manager. This wholly plan depends on how comfortable the design company and the exhibitor are about it.

Step 8: Dismantling
Once the exhibition is over, the exhibition company conducts the dismantling of the stand. It is done with much care.

The above steps are followed by a professional exhibition stand design company in Dubai. As a first-timers if you know these steps then it will be easier for you to share your requirements with the design company and also understand how the process will take place. You can schedule your plans accordingly. Moreover, when you have an idea about what you are going to get engaged in then you prepare yourself for the process. The above steps will give you a brief idea about the stand design process which would very useful for you when you participate in any exhibition.

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